Side Projects

Design | Code | Art


I thoroughly enjoy experimenting with animations and motion design using Figma. Not only can they make the interfaces visually appealing, but also a lot can be conveyed through carefully crafted micro-interactions.

(Click thumbnails to view Figma prototypes)

Cover image for NASA micro-interactions

🎨 Illustrations

I love sketching, drawing portraits and creating digital art, in general. This is something that I have always been passionate about. The medium changed from paper/ canvas to digital pen and tablet, but my love for the art remains the same. Here's some of my most recent artwork.

💛 3D Modelling

Of late, I have been dabbling with 3D modelling - primarily creating icons and gadgets for my projects. I mostly use an online tool called Vectary ( and TinkerCad (by Autodesk). Although, I am quite keen about learning Spline as well. Posting some of the 3D objects that I have built recently.